Hello Lovers! My name is Bernadette and I’m an Authorised Marriage Celebrant.

Why is my website called Married by BEL? Well, take a look.. My first name alone has 10 letters, so add that to my middle and last names?? Yep, BEL for short 😉

The marriage ceremonies I’ve conducted are not all the same. It’s because I write each ceremony from scratch to reflect and celebrate my awesome couples!

I’ve also written legals only ceremonies for “straight to the point” couples.

I have been a celebrant since 2014. And you can rest assured that I may be fun and not look at all serious, but I’ve got your legal paperwork covered.

I am a sucker for love in general and I’m here to help you celebrate one of the most important days of your lives.

I am based in Sydney, but willing to travel (pending COVID-19 restrictions). So give me a call or send me a text or email and we can go from there.